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Endurance Saddles

We've rounded up our best collection of endurance saddles. You'll notice they are made with comfortable seats for long endurance rides and are smaller and lightweight to reduce the burden on your horse. They come with strings for attaching gear and most are without a horn (let's not impale our stomachs) as well as centerfire rigging to help keep the saddle from tipping off your horse.

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Tucker Horizon Outpost Endurance Saddle 179
(1 review)
List Price:$2,555.30
Our Low Price:$2,295.00
Tucker Gen II Bayou Plantation Saddle 140
(4 reviews)
List Price:$2,363.90
Our Low Price:$2,149.00
Tucker Gen II Flex Endurance Trail 158
(2 reviews)
List Price:$2,363.90
Our Low Price:$2,149.00
15" to 17" Circle Y Julie Goodnight Cascade Crossover Flex2 Trail 1753
(2 reviews)
List Price:$2,294.60
Our Low Price:$1,854.22
15.5" Tucker River Plantation Saddle 146
(3 reviews)
List Price:$2,070.00
Our Low Price:$1,725.00
Tucker River Plantation Endurance Saddle T46
(1 review)
List Price:$2,021.80
Our Low Price:$1,838.00
15" to 17" Dakota Endurance Trail Saddle 313
(2 reviews)
List Price:$1,462.50
Our Low Price:$1,125.00
16" Big Horn Flex Tree Endurance Saddle 804
(1 review)
List Price:$1,349.91
Our Low Price:$1,125.00
16" American Saddlery Black Endurance Saddle 806
List Price:$950.23
Our Low Price:$792.00
16" American Saddlery Endurance Saddle 805
List Price:$950.23
Our Low Price:$792.00
15" 16" Big Horn Center Fire Endurance Saddle 117 118 119 120
(5 reviews)
List Price:$889.01
Our Low Price:$741.00
15" to 17" Abetta Serenity Endurance Saddle 20554
List Price:$656.10
Our Low Price:$559.00
15" 16" Abetta Endurance Saddle 20510BK
List Price:$594.95
Our Low Price:$496.00

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