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Reining Saddles

We've long sold reining saddles to the best of the competitors. You should look for a close contact saddle with skirts that allow the rider-horse communication through cues. They should have lower horn and pommel for unhindered movement of reins and a flatter seat for hip movement. A little bling, or fancy tooling tops off the art form of reining.

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15.5" to 17.5" Circle Y Ohio Reiner Reining Saddle 2672 w/Free Pad



List Price:$3,926.00
Our Low Price:$3,020.00
15.5" 16" Crates Hand-Tooled Ladies Reining Saddle 4517
(18 reviews)
List Price:$2,879.40
Our Low Price:$2,395.00
15.5" 16" Crates Ladies Tooled Reiner Saddle 4521
(8 reviews)
List Price:$2,707.80
Our Low Price:$2,256.50
15.5" 16" Crates Supreme Light Ladies Reiner 4516
(1 review)
List Price:$2,538.00
Our Low Price:$2,115.00
15.5" to 16.5" Billy Cook Classic Pro Reiner 6000
(1 review)
List Price:$2,563.00
Our Low Price:$2,136.00
15" to 17" Crates Classic Reining Saddle 2221
(8 reviews)
List Price:$2,394.00
Our Low Price:$1,995.00
15" to 17" Billy Cook VC Reiner Saddle 9603
(3 reviews)
List Price:$2,399.00
Our Low Price:$1,999.00
16" Billy Cook Pleasure Reiner Show Saddle 3299
(3 reviews)
List Price:$2,363.00
Our Low Price:$1,970.00
15" to 17" Billy Cook Classic Reiner 6005
(2 reviews)
List Price:$2,315.00
Our Low Price:$1,930.00
15" to 17" Billy Cook Classic Reiner Saddle 9602
(8 reviews)
List Price:$2,279.00
Our Low Price:$1,899.00
15.5" to 17" Billy Cook Close Contact Reiner 6114
(4 reviews)
List Price:$2,244.00
Our Low Price:$1,870.00
PRICE REDUCED! 16" Big Horn Wide Supreme Reining Saddle 889, Floor Model



List Price:$2,006.05
Our Low Price:$1,450.00
15" 16" 17" South Bend Saddle Co Reining Saddle 852
List Price:$2,211.00
Our Low Price:$1,700.50
15" 16" 17" South Bend Saddle Co Reining Saddle 3459
List Price:$1,940.00
Our Low Price:$1,492.50
15" 16" 17" South Bend Saddle Co Reining Saddle 2704
List Price:$1,932.00
Our Low Price:$1,486.00
15" 16" 17" South Bend Saddle Co Reining Saddle 3416
List Price:$1,923.00
Our Low Price:$1,479.50
15" to 17" Dakota Reiner Saddle 820
(1 review)
List Price:$1,482.00
Our Low Price:$1,140.00
16" Big Horn Training Reiner Saddle 858
(1 review)
List Price:$1,253.58
Our Low Price:$1,045.00

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