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Roping Saddles

We've been selling roping saddles since 1986. You should look for a very sturdy wood tree and reinforced rigging which is attached to the tree. Suede seats are often padded and have a pocket for good positioning.

Call our saddle experts @ 1.866.880.2121 to discuss your next roping saddle purchase.
13" to 17" Double J Hi-Tech Roper SDR212
List Price:$3,885.00
Our Low Price:$3,691.00
13.5" to 17" Martin Saddlery Joe Beaver Calf Roper mr63AOW
List Price:$3,842.40
Our Low Price:$3,199.00
14" to 16" Circle Y Xtreme Performance UC Calf Roper Saddle 1253
List Price:$2,454.10
Our Low Price:$2,150.00
14.5" to 16" Billy Cook Arena Roping Saddle 2147
(4 reviews)
List Price:$2,279.00
Our Low Price:$1,899.00
14.5" to 16" Billy Cook Arena Roping Saddle 2146
List Price:$2,244.00
Our Low Price:$1,870.00
15" to 17" Billy Cook Dally Team Roper Saddle 9111
List Price:$2,204.00
Our Low Price:$1,836.00
15" 16" Billy Cook Arena Roping Saddle 2144
(1 review)
List Price:$2,159.00
Our Low Price:$1,799.00
15" to 18" Billy Cook Team Roper Saddle 2082
List Price:$2,156.00
Our Low Price:$1,796.00
15" 16" 17" South Bend Saddle Co Association Roping Saddle 1620
List Price:$2,101.00
Our Low Price:$1,616.00
15" to 17" Dakota Penning Roping Saddle 9555
(1 review)
List Price:$1,782.30
Our Low Price:$1,371.00
15" to 17" Dakota Ranch and Calf Roping Saddle 206
List Price:$1,548.30
Our Low Price:$1,191.00
14" to 17" Dakota Roping Saddle 554
(3 reviews)
List Price:$1,528.80
Our Low Price:$1,176.00
15" to 17" Dakota Penning Roper Saddle 420
(3 reviews)
List Price:$1,363.05
Our Low Price:$1,048.50
15" to  17" Dakota Roper Saddle 201M
(1 review)
List Price:$1,333.80
Our Low Price:$1,026.00
15" to 17" American Saddlery Hoss High Roper Saddle 1635
(2 reviews)
List Price:$1,230.33
Our Low Price:$1,025.00
15" to 17" Dakota Roughout Roping Saddle 502
List Price:$1,314.30
Our Low Price:$1,011.00
15" to 17" Dakota FQHB Roper Saddle 501
(1 review)
List Price:$1,294.80
Our Low Price:$996.00
16" 17" Dakota FQHB Roping Saddle 501-c
(1 review)
List Price:$1,265.55
Our Low Price:$973.50
15" 16" American Saddlery American All Around Roping Saddle 750
(1 review)
List Price:$1,139.93
Our Low Price:$950.00

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