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About the HorseSaddleShop Saddle Experts

About the Horse Saddle Shop saddle experts

Meet the dream team

Chuck Klockow | CEO & Head Honcho

Hello. I'm Chuck, not to be confused with Charlie - we are both Charles'. I started in January of 2000. My wife's father Dale had a small tack store and we worked together to create an online version of it. I grew up in a family that always had horses and did much riding and camping in my younger years. I served 9 years in the Air Force and when I came back I found the perfect way to marry my Computer Science degree with leather and wood.

I love the fact that I get to choose who I work with and clearly have hired the best people to run a tack and western wear store. Being a bit of a hermit, I also enjoy waking up to work the first few hours of the day in my PJs at my home office with my hair disheveled and coffee at hand. Being a bit of a hermit, I then work the rest of the day in my home office. I have a very patient and lovely wife and 5 children.
We also have chickens, a duck, a dog, a few stray cats, some fish, two miniature donkeys, and a QH named Sydney that loves to be fitted with saddles.

Josh Hueni | President

Hey, I'm Josh and I started working for in February 2011. I oversee operations and our boot store Boots Y'all located in South Bend. I work with customers matching saddles to their needs. I like animals and helping people, so naturally this is a great job for me. I enjoy researching and providing information about the products to our customers. It's fun working with our manufacturers and interacting with people all around the world. My favorite part of the job is helping our customers find the right fit for the horse, rider, and budget!

Charlie Hueni | Vice President & Purchasing

Hi, Iím Charlie and I started working for on Jan 1, 2009. My responsibilities include saddle expert/customer service and purchasing products that our customer will love. Before my life at HSS, I worked for 22 yrs in customer service and purchasing so the transition was a very natural one for me Ė just a change from castings to saddles.

A couple things I enjoy about my job (other than my super-wonderful boss)Ö 1.)Itís really fun to talk to people all over the globe Ė it makes the world seem smaller and I like that. 2.) I find extreme satisfaction in making a customer happy and 97% are very happy. The other 3% of you present wonderful opportunities for my personal growth!

AJ Warner | Sales and Customer Service - English Specialist

Hey ya'll! I'm AJ and I have been a Horse Saddle Shop team member since January 2021. This is my dream job. I get to help horses and riders find the right fitting tack to make their time together even more enjoyable. It makes me happy to actually use all my degrees (English, French, Teaching, Marketing and Entrepreneurship) as well as my knowledge and experience of horses and different disciplines on a daily basis. Currently, I have a massive AQHA gelding who thinks he is a golden retriever and a wonderful dog who thinks he is a human. Both of these guys keep me motivated and inspire me to keep learning.

When I'm not at HSS, you can find me working at my stable, gardening, hiking or at a horse show. I'm a huge fan of my local 4-H group and support them whenever I can.

Rachael Ford | Online Purchasing & Inventory

Hey everyone, my name is Rachael and I have worked at Horse Saddle Shop for around 3 years. I truly enjoy my job at the Saddle Shop and everyone I work with. My job at Horse Saddle Shop is Online Purchasing and Inventory. When Iím not at the Horse Saddle Shop I enjoy my spare time spent with my daughter Maci and my animals. My Husband and I have two horses and two dogs. I enjoy trail riding, camping and also barrel racing.

Bill | Shipping & Receiving

Hi guys, Iím Bill & Iíve been working at Horse Saddle Shop since 2018. You will find me working in our shipping & receiving department. I deal with all the incoming and outgoing packages from our store. If I'm not at the store Iím at home with my wife & two kids or Iím watching Notre Dame football. Place an order today & I will get it out to you as soon as possible!

PS. Please donít send us packing peanuts in your saddles.

Corinne Jones | Social Media & Marketing

Hello! My name is Cori and Iíve been working at the Horse Saddle Shop since November of 2020. My job is to coordinate and plan events/sponsorships, generate online shops and products through our database, and manage our social media accounts. My favorite part of my job is getting to meet all of the horses that come in for our saddle fittings!

When Iím not working at the store, I am either gardening, hanging out with my family, or studying for my degree in Sustainability. If youíre interested in finding a new saddle, come visit us in-store to get set up with what works best for you and your horse!

Alyson Burkins | Used Saddle Manager

Hi yíall! My name is Alyson and I have been working at the Horse Saddle Shop for almost a year! I am currently the used saddle manager. I love my job and being able to meet so many new people and their horses!

As a wife, mom of 3, and full-time employee, I do not have much free time. However, when I do, you can find me out riding my horses (dolly & aries) or looking for my next project around the farm!

Elizabeth Watson | Sales & Customer Service

Hey everyone, my name is Elizabeth. I joined the Horse Saddle Shop team in September 2021. I have been working with horses my whole life and I don't ever plan to change that. The great thing about my job is that I get to see and work with a variety of horses so I am always learning something new.

When Iím not at the Horse Saddle Shop you will always find me out with my dog getting into some type of trouble.

Mandy Bailey | Sales Associate

Hey everyone, Iím Mandy! Iíve only been at the Horse Saddle Shop since April 2022 but Iíll be here to help find the perfect saddle & boots for you. When Iím not working, you can find me reading a good book or spending time with my family and dog outside!

About Horse Saddle Shop


We offer a lifetime of equine experience to benefit you in your next saddle purchase. Dale was an example of wisdom gained in a person's senior years. He had been selling saddles in Northern Indiana since the early '80s, until his passing in 2013. He was a great help in gathering important information on our customer's horse and our customer's riding disciplines to recommend the saddle to suit each need.

Chuck has earned the experience by being raised on a horse farm and, after a 9-year stint in the Air Force, coming back to Indiana to strengthen his equine roots. He quickly learned how to fit saddles (you can even purchase a Saddle Fitting Tool he made) and understands the characteristics of each saddle model. Charlie and Josh have assisted over 40,000 customers in their years with us and AJ offers valuable insight to our customers especially in the used saddle world.


Chuck is the owner of Horse Saddle and Horse Saddle Shop Outlet (the outlet store in Bremen, IN). With both family and friends working together, there is a great atmosphere of hard work and fun. We are proud to work to the advantage of the equine community and we feel the great blessings of working together and witnessing the fruits of our combined efforts.


We make it our goal to provide the best selection of saddles available - above any other store. We are constantly expanding the brands we carry as well as the different types of saddles. Our inventory is often greater than that of our saddle manufacturers. We have the thought that "if it is not good enough for us to buy then it is not good enough for us to sell." We are unlike other stores you find on the internet - we keep hundreds of saddles in stock!

Lowest price guarantee

We welcome you to visit our stores in Bremen, IN. We take great efforts to work efficiently so we can reduce prices and pass the savings on to our customers. If you find a saddle cheaper (and in stock) let us know, we are happy to work with our customers and provide the best buying experience available. We are unlike other stores in that we do not charge shipping and we have a very modest return policy. Unlike the standard 20%, we only charge a 5% return fee.

If you are looking for a dependable family owned business with a reputation and desire to provide a well-fitting quality saddle at a low price, then look no further than