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The Formula for Awesome

The Formula for Awesome

✅ Assemble a staff dedicated to Supreme Customer Serivce

We give expert advice to you and we absolutely love that our jobs contribute to the passionate equine community. Sense of humor also required.

✅ Give thanks to our customers and awesome sovereign God

"Unless the LORD builds the house, its builders labor in vain."

Sell over 47,000 saddles

Ship those saddles to 60 different countries

✔ Keep over 750 saddles in-stock

✔ Save customers over $90,000 in shipping costs

Make customers happy, 97% excellent customer ratings

✔ Become the world's largest dealer of western saddles

Get to know our family

At Horse Saddle Shop, work doesn't feel like work when you get to work with such humble, loving and downright fun people. We love what we do and love who we do it with.

Why HSS is So Awesome