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16" Big Horn Flex Tree Endurance Saddle 804

16" Big Horn Flex Tree Endurance Saddle 804

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Big Horn Flex Lite Endurance Saddle

Made In The USA

This Big Horn Endurance Saddle is built on a medium flexible tree with a wide gullet angle to fit well-defined sport horses.

Features a 4" cantle with binding, 16" grainout padded seat, and center fire rigging.

The 23", rounded, fleece-lined skirt is a great option for the shorter-backed horse.

Finished in #2 brown with smooth leather, stainless steel rings, and back crupper ring.

Front and back saddle strings feature snaps for quick removal of all your gear.


  • Tree: Equi-Fit flexible saddle tree. Full quarter horse bars 6 3/4" gullet, wide endurance style.
  • Cantle: 4" with 1" cantle binding.
  • Stirrups: Ralide with leather foot pads.
  • Rigging: 3/4 position. Texas rigging. Center fire.
  • Seat: 16" Grainout padded.
  • Finish: Hand rubbed Medium Oil
  • Trim: Smooth leather with saddle strings attached. Snaps on strings at front and rear, dee for attaching back strap and crupper.
  • Skirts: 23" x 9" Round, fleece lined.
  • Fenders: 17" x 8", nylon stirrup straps with stainless steel buckles
  • Weight: Approx 25lbs

Big Horn Form Fitting Flex Tree

Flexible saddle trees are becoming increasingly popular, reflecting the growing awareness and concern of today's riders for their horses'well being. Beware, however, flexibility is not the same as proper fit.

The fork and cantle should be rigid, which limits the flexibility to the bars.  Otherwise there is a risk of pinching the wither, creating even more pressure than an ill fitting tree.  The tree should not rest on the spine at any point.

Equi-Fit Flexible bars are molded to shape, not cut from a flat sheet.  This flexibility enhances an already proper fit; it doesn't attempt to create it.  Crudely fashioned bars, dependent on flexibility for the final shaping of the fit, have pressure points built in.

Equi-Fit Flexible bars work like the arch support of a shoe; they provide the correct fit while the flexibility allows unrestricted movement and bends away from pressure.  If you are choosing a flexible tree, make sure the flexibility improves a quality fit and does not merely make a crude fit tolerable.


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