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EZ Saddle Fit Tool by Horse Saddle Shop Experts

EZ Saddle Fit Tool by Horse Saddle Shop Experts

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We've developed the tool to help take the mystique out of finding the right western saddle for your horse.

We all know that there is no industry standard for tree sizes. One manufacturer may classify their tree as a normal tree, but that same tree may be classified by another manufacturer as a wide tree. We at Horse Saddle Shop are tired of this non-standard standard and have come up with the perfect tool to measure your horse and we can use it against our reservoir of saddle tree dimension database.

You simply find the corresponding code using this shoulder measuring tool and call or email our saddle experts with the code/s that best match your horse's shoulders. We then take that information and help come up with a list of saddles that falls within that range.

Most measuring tools only show the gullet angle. This is about 80% of the goal in finding the right saddle tree. When you add in the width of the gullet, you get a much truer picture of what saddle would best fit your horse. Our tool measures both the angle and the width giving us a much clearer picture of what tree would truly fit your horse.

We've kept the price low because we want you to have a saddle that fits! Take the mystery out of saddle fitting and get a true measurement of your horse.

We've been successfully fitting saddles remotely for over 19 years (over 35,000 sold), via our internet help/saddle expert pages and this EZ tool is a perfect addition to our ever growing bag of tools to help you. Once you get your tool and find which code or codes from the EZ Saddle Fit Tool aligns with your horse's shoulders, we have several options for you to start finding that saddle that fits:
  • You simply email our saddle support staff at (or respond to this email) with your EZ Fit code/s, seat size, type of saddle and price range and we'll dig right in to guide you through the saddle fit process

  • If your are a DIY type person, go to Saddle Selection Page where you can enter your code and then see all the saddles

  • Go to Saddle Expert Form and fill out our easy questionnaire that asks questions about your horse, you and what you are looking for in a saddle. We'll then have a better picture of helping you and will be back with a reply in a very short period of time.

  • Call us at our toll free number 1-800-448-1602 - we're very pleasant to talk with.

  • You can initiate an online Chat session by clicking here We're available at normal working hours with a smile on our faces (trust me).

**** Important ***** This tool should be used to find maximum contact with the lower bars and the location on your horse for saddle fit. Review our Saddle Fit Placement guide and look at common tool use problems/solutions so that you can make full use of the EZ Saddle Fit Tool. Download EZ Saddle Fit Tool Instructions

Common Tool Use Problems and Solutions


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