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Easy Saddle Expert System and Templates: Saddle fitting made easier.

We've created 2 tools (below) that can help take the mystery out of fitting a saddle to your horse. Our wealth of knowledge doesn't end here though. Visit our Whole Saddle Fit Help Page for much more saddle fitting information.

Free instant download gullet templates

The Perfect Fit Made Simple

  1. Download Gullet Templates

  2. Using the templates, determine if your horse's conformation is medium, wide, or extra wide.
    • Medium Angle: 86 Deg +/-3
    • Wide Angle: 90 Deg +/-3
    • Extra Wide Angle: 94 Deg +/-3

  3. After you have selected the correct angle for your horse, find your saddle with our saddle filter or get a recommendation from one of our saddle experts by filling out the form.

    Not downloading? Try using a different internet browser. Templates work best on Google Chrome and Internet Explorer (Edge). Avoid Mozilla Firefox if possible.

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