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Parts of the Saddle - The Stirrups

Checking the fit of your saddle

Stirrup {stir-əp} : n. Small light frames or rings for receiving the foot of a rider that are attached by a strap to a saddle and used to aid in mounting and as a support while riding

Stirrups are a pretty no-brainer part of the saddle, but the style of the stirrup and feel can depend upon the preference of the rider as well as the function of the saddle. Below are several examples of the different types of stirrups we sell at HorseSaddleShop.

Basic Stirrups

These stirrups are basic leather-covered wooden trail riding stirrups that will accommodate a wide range of feet.

Oversized Stirrups

If you wear a large boot while riding, you'll probably need oversized stirrups that have extra room.

Ergobalance Trail Glide Stirrups

EBS Trail Glide stirrups are made by Tucker. Ergo Balance Leather Covered Trail Glide™ stirrups are made of lightweight anodized aluminum alloy and stainless steel hardware. The special angled nylon top bar helps place rider's feet in a level position for decreased knee and ankle fatigue.

Parts of the saddle

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