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Tucker Saddle Options

Tucker Saddle Options
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Tucker Saddlery offers such a wide range of options that it's easy to customize your saddle exactly how you want it. Here are examples of how you can customize a Tucker saddle. Use our drop-down menus and each saddle's specifications to find out if these options are available in the saddle you're interested in.


Most Tucker saddles are available in three different leather colors.

Tucker Leather Colors


Tucker Enduro-Balanced Single Tie

Enduro-Balanced Single Tie

This style has a conventional front dee attachment with extra "front to back" straps on either side forming a Y on the saddle with the front dee in the middle. The front to back straps create an extra snug fit and make steep riding more secure.

Tucker Enduro-Balanced Double Tie

Enduro-Balanced Double Tie

This type requires an enduro balance girth. Two separate billets attach to the girth, one attaches to the D ring and one to the back of the saddle.

Tucker Western Double Dee Drop

Western Double Dee Drop

This style is conventional Western rigging with tie strap and off billets, but sits lower on the horse for less bulk under the rider's leg and closer contact with the horse.

Tucker Balanced Ride English Billet

Balanced Ride English Billet

This rigging has three one-inch wide billets which attach to an English girth.


We recommend a round skirt for short-backed horses. The round skirt prevents hip coverage and allows for better freedom of movement for your horse's back legs and hip joints. Endurance saddles primarily feature round skirts due to the length of riding.

Full skirt saddles offer that coveted Western look with a tough, durable feel. Some riders claim to feel slightly more secure and balanced in a full skirt saddle.

Full vs Round Saddle Skirts


Western Fenders:
The Western style fender has 2.5" wide stirrup leathers and is more rigid than the trail fender.

Trail Fenders:
The trail fender has 1.5" wide stirrup leathers.

Fender Styles: Western and Trail


Unless specified, your new Tucker saddle will come with the stirrup it is pictured with. However, you may be able to choose one of the stirrups below depending upon which saddle you are getting.

Stirrups with Tucker's Ergo Balance design keep the rider's foot flat in the stirrup. The angled neck decreases joint fatigue and promotes balanced riding. Tucker's Trail Glide stirrups are also popular. Trail Glide™ stirrups are made of lightweight anodized aluminum alloy and stainless steel hardware with nylon top bar. A comfortable thick sponge rubber foot cushion helps lessen knee and ankle fatigue.

Tucker EBS Leather Covered Stirrups Tucker Oversized Stirrups Tucker EBS Stirrups
Tucker Trail Glide Stirrups Tucker Oversized Stirrups
Tucker EBS Leather Laced Stirrups


You'll want to specify the right girth length for your new Tucker saddle. Not sure how to measure for girth length? Click here to learn how to measure your horse's girth. Already have a girth that fits well? You can use the following chart to gauge what size girth to order:

If you are orderingBut are currently ridingThen adjust your current girth measurement
Western or Enduro Balance RideDropped RiggingKeep the same measurement
Western or Enduro Balance RideIn Skirt Rigging2-4" Shorter
Western or Enduro Balance RideEnglish HunterUp to 8" Shorter
Western or Enduro Balance RideEnglish dressageKeep same measurement
EnglishEnglish HunterSubtract up to 4"
EnglishEnglish DressageAdd up to 4"

Tucker Neoprene Girth 500 Tucker Enduro Balance Girth 520 Tucker Western Girth 510