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About Tucker Trail Saddles


Tucker Saddles is one of the industry leaders for creating comfortable, durable trail saddles. For 30 years Tucker has dedicated themselves to the development, design, and manufacturing of trails saddles that would provide the ultimate in comfort for both the rider and the horse. Tucker Trail Saddles are one of the standards in quality and style for trail riders throughout the world.

Tucker Saddlery, Inc., founded almost 30 years ago, has lead the industry with the development, design and manufacture of saddles and accessories for trail riders. Tucker’s patented Gel-Cush™ Shock Absorbing Seat, built into every Tucker saddle, provides riders Ultimate Trail Comfort. Only the finest leathers and materials available in the industry today are used in the production of Tucker Trail saddles. Tucker saddles, all built in the USA, are the standard in quality and style for trail riders throughout the world.

In July of 2003, combining nearly 75 years of saddle making experience, Tucker Saddlery, Inc. teamed with Circle Y Saddles, Inc. One of the most recognizable brands in the industry, Circle Y has a long standing reputation for building quality saddles for a variety of western horse disciplines. Together, they bring an unparalleled level of craftsmanship, innovation and quality to the products produced by both brands.

Master Craftsmanship

Tucker is constantly researching, developing, and implementing the latest in design and technology. Their philosophy is to disregard tradition any time the end product can be improved. With this in mind, they recently came out with a new line of saddles called the Gen II Trail Saddles that contain several advances in comfort and durability.

When you visit Tucker's saddle shop, you will find a dedicated group of saddle craftsmen; a team that is committed to preserving the ancient art of saddle making and progressing the technology of equine mastership.

Quality Materials

One of the reasons we love Tucker saddles here at the Horse Saddle Shop is because they don’t take shortcuts and use cheap materials. We know that if you purchase a Tucker saddle, you probably won’t return it! Tucker uses world-class leather, hardware, and trees that are precisely made to their specifications and guidelines from the finest tanneries and hardware manufacturers in the world.

The saddle leather is durable yet supple, with a beautiful rich appearance. Natural range marks enhance the quality and give you assurance that the leather is top-grain. The hardware is resistant to rust and corrosion from sweat, rain, stress, and other abuses. The trees are made of wood covered with DURAhide to protect it from the elements. They are designed to fit the horse properly, and provide ample strength while being as lightweight as possible.

Tucker skirts are lined with Genuine Wool Felt skirt lining. It offers tremendous natural shock absorption as well as many years of durable protection for the saddle. It does not pack down like fleece or create hard points against your horse.

We’re happy to put our name behind Tucker saddles and are satisfied that you’re getting a saddle that is well designed and durable.