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Alamo Flex Tree Info

Alamo Flex Tree Information

Alamo's flex trees are designed to take care of both your horse's health and performance. The flex trees sit on the muscles of both sides of the horse's spine, evenly distributing the weight of the saddle and rider along the horse's back.

Because there is no rigid structure in the saddle tree, the horse responds quicker to the rider's seat commands. The flex trees offer more comfort for the rider as well. The soft, flexible seat of the saddle allows the rider to spend extended periods of riding without seat one ache! The flexible tree gives more freedom to the horse's spine and shoulders, allowing the horse to turn and flex more naturally and producing more expression in his movements. Flex trees are designed to fit a variety of horse breeds. In order to fit the different sizes of horses, the saddles are built in different widths.

Alamo H & F flex trees attain their flexibility by combining a traditional rigid fork and cantle together with a non-conventional foundation in place of the conventional wood bars and ground seat.

The H & F flex trees help avoid soring due to bridging and pressure points associated with conventional rigid trees made on wooden bars, along with the benefit that the H & F Flex conforms to uneven backs and adjusts to the shape of your individual horse.

Flex trees aid with enhancing your horse's performance because a sore or restricted horse will not give you its best.

A note from the HorseSaddleShop Saddle Experts:

Our customers really benefit from flex tree saddles, and Alamo makes a great flexible tree. However, we wish to make it clear that the flexible properties of the tree will not fix a bad saddle fit! Make sure you're ordering the right size bars for your horse. Not sure how? Take a look at our free saddle gullet templates to measure your horse. Or read more about flex trees in our helpful article, Flex Trees 101.