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Wool Blend Felt Contour Tucker Saddle Pads 40-700 701 702 703

Wool Blend Felt Contour Tucker Saddle Pads 40-700 701 702 703

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Wool Blend Contour Saddle Pad

Tucker knows that not every horse is built alike, and because you need to give your horse the best fit for ultimate comfort, Tucker gives you the options you need to choose the best saddle pad for your horse's build. This Contour Wool Blend Felt saddle pad comes with four options.

Choose a round or full contour shape and a wither cut out or cut back. The contoured pad shape conforms to your horse's topline, positioning the pad in the best place for optimum comfort. The cut outs provide pressure relief in the sensitive wither area, especially for high-withered horses with narrow builds.

These pads are fashioned with a shock-absorbing 1/2" wool blend felt that wicks the moisture from your horse's back, ensuring that your horse is comfortable on those long rides. The pads are also trimmed with suede wear leathers and spines.

  • Saddle Pad Sizes: (All Sizes Approximate)
  • 40-700: 29x34"
  • 40-701: 29"x32"
  • 40-702: 29"x34"
  • 40-703: 29"x32"


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