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Have us Ship, Sell, and Ship your Saddle for you.


Let us handle all the dirty work and enjoy the ease of selling your saddle. Simply send us your saddle to be entered into our Used Saddle program for a low consignment fee of 25%


We reach millions of people every year, shipping saddles throughout the United States, Canada, and the world. We make it absolutely easy for you to sell that saddle fast! We're not the classifieds. We're not Amazon. We sell saddles and this is where people are looking when they want to buy a used saddle. We do all the legwork for you and your wallet gets thicker.


  1. You fill in your information below.
  2. We contact you with shipping instructions.
  3. You send us your saddle. Please don't send accessories as we do not sell them with consigned saddles. And PLEASE don't pack your saddle in Styrofoam peanuts!
  4. We measure your saddle and get it all ready for sale.
  5. For a limited time only, we're offering FREE professional photographs for each consignment saddle, a $25 value sure to dramatically increase the speed of your sale.
  6. We advertise your saddle to the the thousands of customers who visit us everyday. We will begin recommending it through our Saddle Expert program right away.
  7. After we list your saddle on our website, you can go into the "rating" and add any comments about your saddle that you think a potential buyer might want to know.
  8. Our saddle experts handle all the difficult questions.
  9. We sell your saddle and send you the money!
  10. What's the cost to you? It's a flat rate 25% of the retail price plus the actual shipping costs. So let's say your saddle sells for $999 dollars and shipping costs $25, we send you $724.25. If the buyer uses a coupon, this would also be deducted (5% max)

    *NOTE: Saddles sent in for consignment must have a value of at least $550


We will provide photographs and detailed information about your saddle. You can either email us your pictures if you prefer, but for a limited time only we are offering to have our professional photographers take the best pictures of your saddle for free, a $25 value. Your saddle will receive the same treatment as our new saddles, and the pictures will be the same quality shots that our customers love.

We can send you the correct box, packing, and shipping material for a small fee. We can arrange to have your saddle shipped to us at a reduced UPS rate. Or you can send the saddle with your own shipping material and make your own arrangements to send the saddle to us. Click here to read more.

Mailing Address:
Horse Saddle Shop
1205 W. Plymouth St.
Suite C
Bremen, IN 46506


We offer saddles with free shipping, so adjust your price to reflect a shipping charge(our actual cost).

We offer a 2 week return period for all items.

The selling price may be affected by the buyer using one of our great coupon codes.

When you send us your saddle, you can include a note with the selling price. If you would rather have us price it for you when we receive it, we will do that if no price is included in the box.

The average time for us to sell a consignment saddle is about 30 days. Of course, that means some sell faster and some take longer. We ask that you give us a minimum of 90 days to sell your saddle.

If you want us to review your saddle and recommend a price before committing to the consignment, please fill in the form below.  We will then contact you with further instructions.

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Tree Material: Tree cannot be damaged in any way.
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Listing Price: *note - This is the final selling price.  Allow for shipping and 25% consignment fee and possible use of discount coupons (no more than 5%).