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Toklat Coolback Arab Round Pad 17-00R

Toklat Coolback Arab Round Pad 17-00R

Product Details

Coolback High Profile Pad 17-00

An orthopedic polyester fleece originally designed for the medical industry, CoolBack provides long-lasting pressure relief with a highly breathable resilient pile that also releases heat efficiently. This fast-drying textile keeps your horse comfortable on the hardest rides. CoolBack is manufactured in the USA.

Coolback pads are made from a pile fabric with a dense concentration of resilient polyester fiber that are closely shorn to provide maximum cushion with minimal matting or slipping. Being machine washable and dryer safe makes caring for your Coolback pad easy and actually improves it's orthopedic function.

Best of all, you can machine wash your Coolback saddle pad. The more you use and wash it, the better it performs!


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