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Stirrup Straight stjt72-2031

Stirrup Straight stjt72-2031

Product Details

Tired of bending over to look at your foot helplessly groping around for the stirrup?

End the battle with the Stirrup Straight. On the traditional saddle the stirrup hangs sideways, so in order for your foot to be in it, you need to first find it, then twist the stirrup and fender with your foot, putting pressure on your ankles and knees. But if you're using the Stirrup Straight, all these problems are alleviated. The stirrup with hang off-center, putting the fender and stirrup forward so that you can easily locate it and slide your foot into it. No more ankle and knee stress. No more groping around with your feet. No more twisting and manipulating. With its solid steel construction and brilliant solution, the Stirrup Straight is a product they should have come up with centuries ago. Sold in pairs.

*Be sure to measure the width of your stirrup leathers and select the Stirrup Straight size that is slightly wider than the leathers.


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