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Reinsman Apex Premium Wool Pad - Full Wear Leathers 36830

Reinsman Apex Premium Wool Pad - Full Wear Leathers 36830

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Reinsman Apex Premium Wool Pad - Full Wear Leathers 36830

Introducing the Reinsman Apex Premium Wool Pad with Full Wear Leathers Ė Where Durability Meets Luxury! Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and a passion for equestrian excellence, this pad is a game-changer for horse and rider alike. Our commitment to quality is evident in every aspect of this pad, from the top-grade wool to the full wear leathers that offer unbeatable protection and style. Say goodbye to wear and tear and hello to a pad that stands the test of time. The advanced moisture-wicking properties and superior breathability of the Apex Wool Pad keep your horse cool and comfortable during every ride, while the full wear leathers ensure that it remains in pristine condition. Whether you're in the show ring or on the trail, trust the Reinsman Apex Premium Wool Pad with Full Wear Leathers to deliver unparalleled performance and durability. Elevate your ride and make a statement with the very best in saddle pad technology.

Unrivaled in both quality and design, the Reinsman Apex Premium Wool Pad with Full Wear Leathers is the choice of champions and riders who demand the ultimate in performance and style. The combination of high-density wool and full wear leathers creates a pad that not only looks stunning but also delivers exceptional protection and longevity. Its contoured shape and wither cutout design provide optimal spine clearance and freedom of movement, ensuring your horse's comfort and well-being. The full wear leathers offer a touch of sophistication while shielding your pad from the rigors of riding, making this pad a true investment in your equestrian journey. Don't settle for ordinary Ė choose the Reinsman Apex Premium Wool Pad with Full Wear Leathers and experience the epitome of saddle pad luxury and durability. Your horse deserves the very best, and we've delivered it with the Apex Premium Wool Pad.

  • Brand: Reinsman
  • Horse Size: Horse
  • Pad Color: Bone Wool
  • Padding Amount: 3/4"
  • Pad Length (Front to Back): 30"
  • Pad Drop: 30"
  • Pad Bottom Material: Wool
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    Laurie Cancemi from Facebook

    I've purchased 2 saddles from the Horse Saddle Shop. Both times it was a pleasure. The first saddle was not custom and was an easy transaction. The second time, I ordered a custom saddle and worked with Charlie. He was knowledgable and professional throughout our long arduous process of getting the custom saddle made by the manufacurer. I would definately purchase a saddle from Horse Saddle Shop and Charlie again.

    Karen Sieg

    I have never been more pleased with a business and so satisfied with my purchase! I contacted Horse Saddle Shop about a saddle to fit my Haflinger. Josh spent a lot of time on phone and email with me until late night. I let him pick a bridle and breast plate to match. Everything was perfect, shipping was fast, boxed well, prices very fair. I love my saddle, and will definitely be making more purchases from Horse Saddle Shop.

    Robyn Lebo from Facebook

    Extremely good to deal with very helpful. I just canít recommend these guys enough. Considering I am in Australia they were extremely good to deal with very helpful I recommend them 150% saddle was packed well and itís beautiful very happy customer 5 start rating hands down.

    Giustina Lee from Nevada

    Incredibly streamlined and easy. I am absolutely blown away by the service horse saddle shop provided me. I am naturally a very indecisive person and incredibly picky when it comes to my gear, so after months of shopping and reading my boyfriend suggested here. He also had a positive experience. I browsed their wide selection of used saddles and there it was, MY saddle. The chat staff was incredibly helpful and my saddle was here 4 days later even with free shipping! The saddle was accurately represented in the photos is far from "used". I'm thrilled, to say the least. Thank you!

    Tiffany Wilson from Facebook

    After so much searching and being nervous about ordering a saddle online. I picked up the phone and called the Horse Saddle Shop to ask a few questions about a used saddle that was on their website. They were so nice and helpful. I ordered my very lightly used Circle Y saddle and a new saddle pad. It arrived very quickly. Only a few days. I LOVE my new saddle. In great condition and rides great! I would highly recommend using them for your tack needs. I know I will be in the future!

    Ronda Trosper via Facebook

    Customer service is amazing! Super quick shipping! My first saddle didn't fit correctly, they helped me find the right fit for both my horse and me, and we love our new Circle Y Kentucky gaited ❤ thank you Horse Saddle Shop!