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Flex Tree Saddles

Flex Tree Saddles; Unrestricted Movement + Comfortable Shoulders = Happy Horse.
Call our saddle experts @ 1.866.880.2121 to discuss you next flex tree saddle purchase.
14" to 17" Circle Y Julie Goodnight Teton Flex2 Trail 1760
(10 reviews)
List Price:$2,363.90
Our Low Price:$1,963.89
14" to 17" Circle Y Walnut Grove Flex2 Trail Saddle 1157
(22 reviews)
List Price:$2,390.30
Our Low Price:$2,173.00
14" to 18" Circle Y Pioneer Flex2 Trail Saddle 1665
(8 reviews)
List Price:$2,117.50
Our Low Price:$1,875.00
14" to 17" Circle Y Alpine Flex2 Trail Saddle 2377
(16 reviews)
List Price:$2,081.20
Our Low Price:$1,892.00
15" to 17" Circle Y Lady Trail Wide Flex2 Saddle 5701
(2 reviews)
List Price:$2,134.00
Our Low Price:$1,940.00
15" to 18" Circle Y Topeka Flex2 Trail Saddle 1651
(8 reviews)
List Price:$2,021.80
Our Low Price:$1,838.00
14" to 17" Circle Y Tennessee Gaited Trail Saddle Flex2 1590
List Price:$2,021.80
Our Low Price:$1,838.00
16" to 18" Big Horn Voyager Flex Tree Trail Saddle 1638 1639 1637
(3 reviews)
List Price:$1,898.25
Our Low Price:$1,582.00
15" to 17" Dakota Western Saddle, Flex Tree Trail Saddle 2212
(13 reviews)
List Price:$1,548.30
Our Low Price:$1,191.00
15" to 17" Dakota Flex Tree Trail Saddle 213
(17 reviews)
List Price:$1,450.80
Our Low Price:$1,116.00
15" 16" Dakota Flex Tree Trail Saddle 202fx
(6 reviews)
List Price:$1,324.05
Our Low Price:$1,018.50
16" 17" Abetta Gaited Comfort Flex Trail Saddle 20537F
List Price:$714.60
Our Low Price:$650.00
15" to 17" Abetta Original Nylon Flex Trail Saddle 20501FBK
(2 reviews)
List Price:$602.59
Our Low Price:$531.00

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