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Circle Y's Newest Advance: The Flex2

Circle Y first introduced their Flex-Lite tree in 1998. Its flexible design offered the best support and comfort for horse and rider and left saddle competitors scrambling to make their own flexible trees.

As the industry makes room for other flexible designs, Circle Y has decided to take their Flex-Lite tree to the next level and Circle Y is now incorporating a revolutionary new flexible tree called Precision Flex˛™ into all their Flex-Lite saddles. Here is a breakdown of what this new technology entails:

Circle Y Flex2 Tree Diagram

Flex Precision Trees

The Flex2 tree has a rigid ground seat with a dual bar system that provides both stability and flexibility where it's needed. This tree is available for riders of all sizes and has proven over time to fit a large variety of horses.

  • High-Density bars for support, stability, and even weight distribution
  • Low-Density bars conform to the horse's back, fit a wide range of horses, and gives the horse freedom of movement
  • Finish coated in DURAhide covering to add strength while keeping out moisture and the elements, adding to the length of your saddle
  • The ground seat is the basis for a comfortable padded seat. Circle Y has taken years of experience hand crafting the prefect ground seat and used modern technology to build it right into the tree for the perfect seat every time.

Flex2 Tunnel Skirt

Forget the traditional laced skirts which cause friction and trouble for your horse. Circle Y’s new Tunnel skirt design creates the smoothest surface possible for your horse’s back, decreasing the opportunity for rubbing and sore spots and eliminating pressure along the spine. It also encourages air flow under the saddle, keeping the heat off your horse and encouraging a cool and comfortable sensation.

Impact Foam Seat

Tired of a sore butt after a days riding? The impact foam seat offers you unmatched comfort in the saddle. Engineered to offer maximum cushion without wearing down quickly, this seat is everything you've been looking for to get you through the trail.

Softee Seat Jockeys

Annoyed with the break-in period of your new saddle? No more! Softee Leather is revolutionary. Real full-grain leather with a broken in feel. Softee seat jockeys and fenders are ready to ride right out of the box.

Neo-Shock Skirt

The Neo-Shock skirt absorbs shock from rough terrain and uneven surfaces through the neoprene filler. This filler is designed to muffle any vibration for a smoother ride for both you and your horse. This skirt also conforms to the conformation of your horse.

EBS Ergo Balance Stirrups

This design positions the rider's feet and legs for decreased knee and ankle fatigue while promoting balanced riding. Available on select models or separately. With all these improvements the Precision Flex˛™ promises to be the most comfortable saddle your horse has ever worn.