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Wintec Pro Stock HART

Wintec Pro Stock HART

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Wintec Pro Stock HART
Wintec Pro Stock HART
Wintec Pro Stock HART
Wintec Pro Stock HART
Wintec Pro Stock HART

Wintec Pro Stock HART

The Wintec Pro Stock saddle is a top quality saddle that's lightweight (18.7 lbs) and really comfortable! It features a deep seat and supportive knee rolls, providing a secure ride. The saddle is made with easy to care for materials - just hose it off! - so you can spend more time in the saddle. Your horse will appreciate the soft panels that shape to their conformation, with an interchangeable gullet system so you can get the fit just right!
The horse will enjoy the super-soft panels which mold in and around their muscles, hugging their conformation, so you can ride all day with peace of mind your horse is comfortable too!

Sizing Information
Small: Ideal for riders who usually ride approx. 16" English or 14.5”-15” Western
Medium: Ideal for riders who usually ride approx. 16.5-17" English or 15-16" Western
Large: Ideal for riders who usually ride approx. 17-17.5" English or 16-16.5" Western
Extra Large: Ideal for riders who usually ride approx. 17.5-18" English or 16.5-17" Western

Included features

  • Protective cushioning through the CAIR® Cushion Panel System. It uses air to distribute the rider’s weight fluidly across the horse’s back.
  • Precision custom fit with the EASY-CHANGE™ Fit Solution, comprised of the EASY-CHANGE Gullet system and the EASY-CHANGE Riser system. Riders can select the optimal gullet width for the horse’s current shape and muscling, and make adjustments within the saddle panels for optimal balance and clearance. All adjustments are measurable, symmetrical and completely reversible.
  • Ergonomic flex through the lightweight and durable Elastiflex Tree, which provides the lateral flexion to work with the horse’s muscular movement in every stride.
  • Free movement supported by Performance Panel Technology shaped to support the horse’s natural motion and positioned to create a wide channel to clear the spine.
  • Superior rider performance aided by Comfort Seat Technology. The seat gently supports the rider’s ability to move with the horse.
  • Ergonomic Stirrup Bar: Places the buckle of a stirrup leather in a recessed position to reduce bulk under your thigh.
  • Quick-change billet system: Allows customization by a saddler or saddle fitter and provides the assurance that billets can be returned to factory standard for the life of the saddle.
  • Adjustable Y-girthing: Allows for an ideal adjustment and promotes saddle stability.

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