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What's in the name of a saddle brand?

What's in the name of a saddle brand?

The saddle market is flooded with cheap imported western saddles. These saddles can be either the leather western or the synthetic western saddles. We at strive to provide the best value western saddle while still upholding the long lasting American standard and product. We are proud to offer America's best western saddles.

Circle Y

Circle Y has long been the leading leather saddle manufacturer in the United States. Circle Y has taken this lead in sales to also provide the lead in innovation of new products. They have introduced the softee leather, now in most of their trail saddles. This leather provides the durability of standard saddle leather but with the added benefit of having the feel of glove leather.

Circle Y also introduced the revolutionary flex tree design which has taken root in most saddle manufacturers. You can be sure that when new and improved designs are introduced, they are likely from the work of Circle Y. Circle Y is not only about the latest in saddle design, but they hold fast to the traditional western saddle. When you purchase a Circle Y, you can count on having a saddle that will last all your riding years. All saddles are backed with a robust warranty and a company that stands behind their product.

Billy Cook

There are a few knock-off Billy Cook saddles, but we are proud to provide the Billy Cook saddle made in Sulphur, OK under the direct supervision of Mr. Billy Cook. These are world renown saddles that capture the durability of the west.

Billy Cook produces exceptional work and ranch saddles at a price which is a fraction of their competitors. You cannot spend unwisely when purchasing a Billy Cook saddle and you would be satisfied to know the saddle will withstand the rigors of the cowboy life.


When you are looking for the Cadillac of saddles, be sure to look at the Tucker saddle. Tucker makes the ultimate in trail riding saddles looking out for both the horse and rider. They use the finest of materials and have designed the patented Gel-Cush seat.

This seat provides one of the most comfortable rides in you can find. These too are made in the U.S.A with an emphasis in providing the best saddle available.


The American made Dakota saddle is what we consider the best value around. Dakota is a small saddle manufacturer in Ide, AL and they sure know how to build a good strong saddle. Not only do they use the same materials as the more expensive saddles, but they also provide the same premium customer support.

Their saddles are usually priced at about half of their competition but do not confuse them with the cheap imports from Mexico or India. Dakota uses the same tree as many of the more popular saddle manufacturers from the Steele Tree, Co. After 10 years of use, the Dakota saddle will be no different from a Circle Y saddle with the same use. Buy a Dakota saddle and get a great value!