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Myler Triple Barrel Mullen Relief Sweet Iron Bit Level 2 89-11315

Myler Triple Barrel Mullen Relief Sweet Iron Bit Level 2 89-11315

Product Details

This Myler bit is perfect for young horses with a steady disposition or older horses just beginning training. Mullen mouthpieces have a gentle outward curve to the mouthpiece, giving even pressure and allowing the tongue more room. They place pressure on the tongue, lips, and bars.

The mouthpiece is flexible and forgiving when relaxed, solid with tongue pressure when engaged. This mouthpiece will naturally oxidize, or rust. Harmless to horses, it has a sweet taste and promotes salivation. Myler Level 2 mouthpiece.


Myler Bit
  • Myler Level: Level 2
  • Shank: Stainless steel 5 inch flat shank
  • Mouthpiece: MB32-3 5" Triple Barrel Mullen


  • Young or green, just beginning training, with a steady disposition
  • Older, just beginning training for a new discipline, or retraining after a long lapse
  • Riding in a level 1 mouthpiece and showing resistance


  • Offers tongue relief with either a small port or flexible mouthpiece
  • Rotates on the tongue to apply some tongue pressure
  • Collapses to form a "U" instead of a "V," protecting the lips and bars from being pinched
  • Curves to allow more room for the tongue, protects the lips and bars from being pinched
  • Independent Side Movement on most mouthpieces
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