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Stopping Saddle Squeak

How to stop saddle squeaking

Like a steadily dripping faucet, there can be little as annoying as squeaking your way down the trail in your new saddle. At first the sound of new leather is rather gratifying; eventually, it gets on your nerves. Those light colored show saddles are major culprits of saddle squeak, as the lack of natural oil that makes them light also lends to squeaky leather. Saddles usually squeak between the fender and the saddle tree.

But there's an easy, inexpensive solution that won't take up much of your time. All you need is some baby powder.
This will reduce friction between layers

The steps to stopping the squeak

  1. Lay an old blanket or tarp over the ground
  2. Turn your saddle upside down on the blanket. Lay out the fenders and stirrups and expose the area under the jockey
  3. Sprinkle all the areas that are layered against each other mainly the fenders, jockeys and between the skirts
  4. Shake the saddle vigorously to make sure the powder gets in deep and coats all the areas where you placed it
  5. Saddle your horse. Wipe up any excess powder. Ride on smelling baby fresh and enjoying the silence.
Stopping the Saddle Squeak