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Easy Saddle Expert System and Templates: Saddle fitting made easier.

Thousands of our customers have used these printable gullet templates to fit their horses. They're foolproof, easy, and ensure that you're ordering the best for your horse.
If you would rather our experts recommend a saddle for you, you can fill out the Saddle Expert Recommendation System form.

Find out if your horse conformation is Normal/Narrow, Wide, or Very Wide/Round:
  • Normal/Narrow Angle - 86 deg +/- 3
  • Wide Angle - 90 deg +/- 3
  • Very Wide Angle - 94 deg +/- 3
After you've selected the correct angle for your horse, fill out the form below to see our personalized recommendations:

Selection by Gullet Angle

Select Skirt Type:

Min Skirt Length : (in inches) Use minimum and maximum skirt lengths to determine the range of skirt lengths for your saddle.

Max Skirt Length: (in inches) 

 ? Min Seat Size:(in inches)Some saddles are in .5 inch increments so if you are looking for a 16 inch saddle use 16 for Min Seat Size and 16.5 for Max Seat Size for a larger variety of saddles.

 ? Max Seat Size:(in inches)

Select Horse Conformation:

Select Saddle Type:

Select Saddle Type 2:

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