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Rocky Boots Size Charts

The Boot Size Charts are provided as an aid in determining your correct shoe or boot size. For the best results, please follow these instructions

These downloads require Acrobat Reader to open.

1. Each file will print on regular 8 1/2 X 11 letter paper.
2. When setting print options, do not choose "fit to page." This will change the scale and the accuracy will be adversely affected.
3. Each file is 2 pages the left and right side of the chart. To create a full chart lay the left heel page on the left and the right heel page on the right. Push each together so that the edges of the paper are touching. Tape pages together. Measure size accuracy with dollar bill following instructions on the page.
4. Place chart on a solid floor, if possible. Carpeted surfaces make reading the chart more difficult.
5. For best results, wear socks appropriate for intended use of shoe or boot. In other words, if you are shopping for cold-weather hunting boots and are likely to wear thick wool or wool/cotton blend boot socks, then these will produce the most accurate measurement when using the sizer for boots for that specific use. The same holds true for basic work boots; wear the socks normally used for day-to-day work.
6. Follow instructions on chart for foot placement.
This device is to be used as a guide only and will provide satisfactory results in most instances. If however, you have unique footwear fitting needs, you will be best served to have a footwear professional assist in determining your proper shoe size.