Reinsman Flex Tree Information

Why?...The Reinsman Flex Saddle
The flex tree is a wonderful idea that has been around for several years. The concept is to allow the bars of the tree to flex, thus conforming to the horses’ back. This allows the saddle to fit more horses and be more comfortable to the horse. Reinsman took its many years of experience, chose the best flex tree built and redesigned it for both the horse and the rider.
1) The most inherent problem with flex trees is over flexing in the middle or seat area. This allows a traditional ground seat to brake down and tear loose from the bars putting excessive pressure on the horses’ back. Reinsman designed a triple strength ground seat and a high tech fastening system to eliminate this problem.
2) Next, we enlarged the width of our bars to spread the pressure over a larger area for much more comfort to the horse.
3) Reinsman uses only top grade leather to finish out a nicer saddle that will last for years.
4) Reinsman has the ONLY “All Leather Flex Saddle”. The competition uses rubber in its skirts for less weight, but the rubber breaks down after a year or so.
5) We hand stitch all of our horns and cantles to last for years.
6) We use only top quality synthetic wool under our skirts.
7) We hand oil our saddles from the front to the back with top grade oil and antique that not only looks great but softens the leather and prolongs the life and beauty of the saddle.
8) Reinsman’s “Flex Saddles” are just a couple of pounds heavier than our competitors, but we refuse to sacrifice weight for the quality and durability our saddles have over ALL of our competition.