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16.5" Martin Saddlery Matt Gaines Cutter 7, CLEARANCE

16.5" Martin Saddlery Matt Gaines Cutter 7, CLEARANCE

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16.5" Martin Saddlery Matt Gaines Cutter 7, CLEARANCE
16.5" Martin Saddlery Matt Gaines Cutter 7, CLEARANCE
16.5" Martin Saddlery Matt Gaines Cutter 7, CLEARANCE
16.5" Martin Saddlery Matt Gaines Cutter 7, CLEARANCE

Martin Saddlery Matt Gaines Cutter 7

Introducing the Martin Saddlery Matt Gaines Cutter 7: Unleash Your Cutting Edge! Are you a passionate equestrian seeking the ultimate cutting performance? Look no further than the Martin Saddlery Matt Gaines Cutter 7, designed to elevate your skills and take you to new heights in the arena!

Unrivaled Precision: Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Matt Gaines Cutter 7 delivers exceptional precision and responsiveness, allowing you to make quick, seamless cuts with ease. It's time to showcase your true talent and leave a lasting impression.

Unleash Your Potential: With the Cutter 7, you'll experience an unparalleled synergy between you and your horse. Its innovative design optimizes balance and maneuverability, empowering you to achieve the perfect cut every time. Prepare to dominate the competition like never before!

Unyielding Durability: Built to withstand the demands of rigorous training and fierce competition, the Cutter 7 is made from premium materials that ensure long-lasting performance. Countless hours in the saddle will be a breeze as you experience the sturdy reliability that Martin Saddlery is known for.

Unparalleled Style: Elevate your riding experience with the Martin Saddlery Matt Gaines Cutter 7's sleek and stylish design. This masterpiece of craftsmanship seamlessly blends functionality with aesthetics, making you the envy of the arena. Prepare to turn heads and make a statement wherever you ride.

Unmatched Legacy: When you choose the Cutter 7, you join the ranks of champions who have relied on Martin Saddlery for decades. With a heritage of excellence, Martin Saddlery has been trusted by world-class riders to deliver top-notch equipment that enhances performance and brings dreams to life.

Unlock your true potential and ride with the confidence of a champion. Get the Martin Saddlery Matt Gaines Cutter 7 today and experience the cutting-edge revolution firsthand. Saddle up and let your victories unfold!
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  • Tree Width: 7 inch Gullet
  • Seat Size: 16.5 inch Seat
  • Leather Options: Natural Leather
  • Leather Textures: Roughout
  • Skirt Style: Regular Double Skirt Round
  • Seat Type: Full Padded
  • Seat Stitching: Machine Sewn
  • Seat Style: Suede Black Seat
  • Quilted Seat: No
  • Cantle Style: Leather Pencil Roll
  • Rigging: Adjustable Rigging
  • Stirrup Twists: Short Twist Stirrups
  • Stirrup Leathers: 2.5x33 1/2 Hole
  • Tooling Degree: No Tooling
  • Border Tooling: Barbwire Border
  • Tooling Design: Rose
  • Back Billet: permanent
  • Hoof Pick: No
  • Dots: No Border Dots
  • Painting Options: No Painting
  • Stirrups: 3" Bell Bottom Rawhide
  • Accessories: Clip and Dees (set of 6)
  • Conchos: Stainless Slotted

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Robyn Lebo from Facebook

Extremely good to deal with very helpful. I just can’t recommend these guys enough. Considering I am in Australia they were extremely good to deal with very helpful I recommend them 150% saddle was packed well and it’s beautiful very happy customer 5 start rating hands down.

Giustina Lee from Nevada

Incredibly streamlined and easy. I am absolutely blown away by the service horse saddle shop provided me. I am naturally a very indecisive person and incredibly picky when it comes to my gear, so after months of shopping and reading my boyfriend suggested here. He also had a positive experience. I browsed their wide selection of used saddles and there it was, MY saddle. The chat staff was incredibly helpful and my saddle was here 4 days later even with free shipping! The saddle was accurately represented in the photos is far from "used". I'm thrilled, to say the least. Thank you!

Tiffany Wilson from Facebook

After so much searching and being nervous about ordering a saddle online. I picked up the phone and called the Horse Saddle Shop to ask a few questions about a used saddle that was on their website. They were so nice and helpful. I ordered my very lightly used Circle Y saddle and a new saddle pad. It arrived very quickly. Only a few days. I LOVE my new saddle. In great condition and rides great! I would highly recommend using them for your tack needs. I know I will be in the future!

Ronda Trosper via Facebook

Customer service is amazing! Super quick shipping! My first saddle didn't fit correctly, they helped me find the right fit for both my horse and me, and we love our new Circle Y Kentucky gaited ❤ thank you Horse Saddle Shop!

Pamela D'Amore, via Facebook

Amazing and knowledgeable to work with! Best prices and they know their products well. Traded in a saddle and used it as a down payment on a new saddle. Very speedy shipping. Over all VERY happy.

Gretchen Klett

I am so happy with the saddle I just bought as a surprise gift for my partner. He was so happy and loves it. I love the customer service and deals you offer if you wait for them. Thank you Horse Saddle Shop we have 2 saddles from you now and couldn't be happier. I have also bought boots here too and they did not fit, HSS was great with the return.