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How to Measure Your Horse's Girth

How to measure your horse's girth

Are you wondering what size girth your horse needs? Most horses fall between a size 28inch – 34inch, but you can calculate for your horse. Figuring the girth size is a simple process with a tape measure and calculator. Asking someone to assist you makes it a bit easier and eliminates trying to wrangle around the horse.

*TIP: If you don’t have a tape measure, use a string and take the measurement later.

If you don't have the saddle you will be using

Step 1

With your horse standing on a level surface and all treats fully digested, pass the tape measure around his/her body where the girth will rest. Make the two ends meet and pull it snugly. Take a look at the number. This is your horse’s heart girth.

Step 2

Use this formula to calculate your horse’s girth size:
Example: (70/2) - 3 = 32”

Step 3

You may need to round, as many girths only come in even sizes. This will give you a good estimate for ordering the correct size. You’ll want around 8-10 inches between your cinch and saddle.

If you already have the saddle you will be using

Step 1

When it comes to determining the size cinch your horse will need, you must accurately measure your horse. Use a tape measure to determine the space from one rigging ring to the other and then subtract 16” to account for the space that the latigos will stretch down.

Step 2

When fitting the actual cinch on your horse, place the middle of the cinch behind your horse’s front legs and allow the ends of the cinch to drop about 8 inches from the bottom of your saddle’s D-rings when fastened with the latigos.

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