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Leather Color Comparison Chart

Leather color comparison chart

You've got your eye on a Billy Cook breastcollar, but aren't sure if it will match your Circle Y saddle. We've created a helpful comparison chart for situations just like the this one. Color names like chestnut and russet do not necessarily match between manufacturers due to each manufacturer's unique leather dyeing and conditioning.

Yet it is possible to build a complete matching set of tack while buying different brands. Though we can't promise a perfect match (even two pieces from the same manufacturer may have slight variations), the following chart lists several colors that are similar enough to look like they match.

Color Description


Light Oil

A light golden leather with slight yellow undertones.

Similar Brand Colors

  • Dakota Light Oil
  • Circle Y Light Oil
  • Billy Cook Russet
Oil Leather Comparison


Medium brown leather with golden hues.

Similar Brand Colors

  • Crates Chestnut
  • Circle Y Regular Oil
  • Billy Cook Chestnut
    Chestnut Leather Comparison

    Dark Oil

    Dark, rich oil with a mahogany sheen.

    Similar Brand Colors

    • Tucker Brown
    • Circle Y Walnut
    • Dakota Pro Brown
    Dark Oil Leather Comparison

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