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Justin Boots Leather Care Tips

Justin Boots

Find your leather type below to learn the best way to care for it.


1. Remove loose dirt with a brush or rag.
2. Clean thoroughly with leather conditioner or balm.
3. Apply a thin coat of neutral shoe cream and rub with a soft cloth until leather shines.
4. For a high luster, apply a thin coat of wax polish (neutral paste on light colors; matching paste on dark colors). Brush or rub again.


1. Remove loose dirt with a soft nylon brush.
2. Do not use conditioners; conditioners may discolor the leather.
3. Treat with two coats of Water & Stain Protector when boots are new. Allow to dry between coats.
4. Keep free of mud and drying elements.
5. On snuffed grain, use a fine abrasive paper lightly on the areas that are already snuffed.


1. Remove loose dirt with a brush or rag.
2. Replenish oils occasionally with an all-purpose conditioner.


1. Remove loose dirt with a brush or rag.
2. Frequently apply thin coats of reptile conditioner with a soft cloth.
3. Let dry, then buff with soft cloth.