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Glove Sizing Guide

Heritage Glove Sizing Guide
STEP 1: Measure Your Hand

Find a flexible tape measure that will wrap nicely around your hand. Make a loose fist. Wrap the tape measure around the largest part of your hand to get an accurate measurement. Note how many inches your hand measures. (photo above)

*If you donít have a fabric tape measure, you can use a piece of cloth or paper, make your mark, and then lay it out flat on a regular tape measure to get your size.

STEP 2: Compare Your Size

Find the corresponding measurement on the chart above.

*Note: Heritage gloves use a numerical sizing system noted by the (x) in the chart above. All other gloves on our website use the familiar small, medium, large, Ö sizing that youíre used to.

European Glove Conversion

All gloves sold on are in USA sizes. If you have a good fitting pair of EU sized gloves, youíll want to use the chart below to find the corresponding US size.

US 3 / EU 5
US 4 / EU 5.5
US 5 / EU 6
US 6 / EU 6.5
US 7 / EU 7
US 8 / EU 7.5
US 9 / EU 8
US 10 / EU 8.5
US 11 / EU 9
US 12 / EU 9.5