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10 Quick Tips for Easy Saddle Fitting

10 quick tips for easy saddle fitting

If you want a good fit take a few minutes and answer these basic questions:

1. How much does your horse weigh?

If a 1000 lbs or more, look to a Full Quarterhorse Bar (FQHB)/wide saddle. Need to know how much your horse weighs click here.

2. What kind of withers does your horse have?

Mutton-withered? Look to a FQHB if your horse is anywhere close to a 1000 lbs. i.e. 900 lbs or more.

3. Consider your horseís back.

Is he wide or narrow? Canít tell? Look into our template system. A wide back will require a FQHB. A narrow back will need a semi-quarterhorse bars.

4. Is your horse short backed?

Look for a shorter skirt or round skirt saddle. You donít want the saddle skirts to rub the horseís hips.

5. Is your horse gaited?

Seriously consider a gaited saddle. Gaited saddles have more rock with wider bars in the front and are smaller in the back to allow for the movement of their shoulders.

6. What is your budget?

Be reasonable in your expectations. Leather saddles cost more than cordura saddles. You will find few leather saddles for under $500, so be realistic. Most of the time you will get what you pay for.

7. Consider what you are going to do with this saddle.

Yes, the trail saddle looks nice, but you wonít rope off of it for long. Need to know the difference? Check this page out.

8. What seat size do you need to look for?

Hereís a chart to tell.

9. What saddle pad will work?

Most horses do not need special pads, but some horses do. Think about what will work. We try to describe what the pads will work best for what kind of horses here.

10. Answer all the questions.

All these questions need to be considered to ensure a good fit. If you still have problems, give us a call or use our Saddle Expert System to contact us. We will be glad to help you work with you to find just the right saddle.