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Classic Equine BioFit Correction Pad - High Withers/Muscle Atrophy wfp

Classic Equine BioFit Correction Pad - High Withers/Muscle Atrophy wfp

Product Details

Classic Equine BioFit Correction Pad

NOTE: Wear leather colors may vary. Designed specifically for a number of common conformation and correctional issues, the BioFit pad by Classic Equine can keep your horse more comfortable and improve his performance.

From ill-fitting saddles to old age, muscle atrophy behind the shoulder is a common issue. The BioFit features a permanent wedge that fills this void area, offering extra support and comfort.

This wedge also works well for horses with high withers, lifting the saddle for extra clearance. A better pad fit is achieved through the contoured design, 7/8" quality wool blend, and wither cutout for more gullet clearance and spinal relief.

Available in 30"x30" or 31"x32" options.


  • Shoulder Wedge
    This strategically placed wedge fills in the gap behind the shoulders from muscle atrophy or conformation issues. It prevents the saddle from collapsing into the void area.
  • High Quality Wool Blend Felt
    Premium shock absorbing material during work and performance activities.
  • Contoured Fit
    Follows your horse's back line and allows for freedom of movement in your horse's hips and shoulders.

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Giustina Lee from Nevada

Incredibly streamlined and easy. I am absolutely blown away by the service horse saddle shop provided me. I am naturally a very indecisive person and incredibly picky when it comes to my gear, so after months of shopping and reading my boyfriend suggested here. He also had a positive experience. I browsed their wide selection of used saddles and there it was, MY saddle. The chat staff was incredibly helpful and my saddle was here 4 days later even with free shipping! The saddle was accurately represented in the photos is far from "used". I'm thrilled, to say the least. Thank you!

Tiffany Wilson from Facebook

After so much searching and being nervous about ordering a saddle online. I picked up the phone and called the Horse Saddle Shop to ask a few questions about a used saddle that was on their website. They were so nice and helpful. I ordered my very lightly used Circle Y saddle and a new saddle pad. It arrived very quickly. Only a few days. I LOVE my new saddle. In great condition and rides great! I would highly recommend using them for your tack needs. I know I will be in the future!

Ronda Trosper via Facebook

Customer service is amazing! Super quick shipping! My first saddle didn't fit correctly, they helped me find the right fit for both my horse and me, and we love our new Circle Y Kentucky gaited ❤ thank you Horse Saddle Shop!

Pamela D'Amore, via Facebook

Amazing and knowledgeable to work with! Best prices and they know their products well. Traded in a saddle and used it as a down payment on a new saddle. Very speedy shipping. Over all VERY happy.

Gretchen Klett

I am so happy with the saddle I just bought as a surprise gift for my partner. He was so happy and loves it. I love the customer service and deals you offer if you wait for them. Thank you Horse Saddle Shop we have 2 saddles from you now and couldn't be happier. I have also bought boots here too and they did not fit, HSS was great with the return.

Shiree Clark, via Facebook

was uneasy about buying a saddle online for a hard-to-fit horse. Horse Saddle Shop's free shipping and excellent return/exchange policy gave me the confidence I needed to buy online. Their educational resources, knowledgeable staff, and huge inventory selection enabled me to find the right saddle for me and my horse on our first try. No other stores had an extra-wide tree saddle with a short skirt for my heavily-muscled, mutton-withered, short-backed horse that weighed less than 20 pounds for me so I can easily lift it over my head. I highly recommend this store.