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Circle Y Tree Technology

One of the reasons why Circle Y saddles are one of our top choices at the Horse Saddle Shop is their special tree technology. Circle Y strives to stay abreast with their saddle research. They take breeding trends, competition regulations, customer opinions, and the latest research into consideration while striving to make the best saddles for each of the western disciplines.
The Horse Saddle Shop tries to make several sizes of trees available for each saddle. Circle Y makes trees suitable for the typical horse used for each activity. A wide tree is available in several saddles because horses have become taller and wider than in the past. The wide saddles accommodate a horse with fuller shoulders and flat or broad withers.
Every Circle Y saddle is made of carefully selected materials to give it the proper fit and weight for its purpose. Most of the trees are made of wood and covered in their patented DURAhide© finish to protect the wood from moisture. This ensures that the saddle will maintain its strength and have an extra-long life. Circle Y’s roping saddles are built on rawhide covered trees to make them heavier. Other saddles are built on a Ralide trees. These are made of molded polyethylene, giving you a quality saddle that is lightweight and cost efficient.
The greatest advance Circle Y has made in their tree technology has to be their new Flex-Lite© tree. These trees are made of a combination of wood and polyethylene. Together these ingredients give you a saddle that is lightweight and durable. The tree is flexible to give the horse a greater range of motion and more comfortable fit. The tree is designed to sit on the curve of the horse’s back and between the shoulders. The Flex-Lite trees are paired with special skirts that have neoprene fillers. The neoprene makes the skirt soft and shock absorbing, providing extra comfort for the horse and rider.
Circle Y has also introduced a new seat and fender leather called Softee™. This leather promises to provide a “ready to ride feel,” minimizing the need to “break in” your new saddle. The leather should minimize a rider’s knee and ankle strain.
With all these unique improvements, the Horse Saddle Shop is proud to offer you a wide selection of Circle Y saddles, knowing each one is built for comfort, fit, and superior performance.