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15" to 17" Billy Cook High Country Rancer Saddle 2176

15" to 17" Billy Cook High Country Rancer Saddle 2176

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15" to 17" Billy Cook High Country Rancer Saddle 2176

Made In The USA

Introducing the Ultimate Riding Companion: The Billy Cook High Country Rancer Saddle!

Unleash your true equestrian spirit with the saddle that takes your riding experience to soaring heights - The Billy Cook High Country Rancer Saddle. Crafted with precision and passion, this saddle is more than just an accessory; it's a masterpiece that defines the art of riding.

Designed with the utmost care, the High Country Rancer Saddle guarantees a blissful ride. The seat molds perfectly to your body, ensuring you stay comfortable even during long journeys.

Take on the rugged terrains with confidence! This saddle's sturdy build and exceptional grip keep you secure in the saddle, no matter the trail you choose to conquer.

Adorned with beautiful basket and border tooling, this saddle reflects elegance and style. Stand out in the arena or on the trail with a saddle that showcases the timeless craftsmanship of Billy Cook.

Crafted from premium materials, this saddle boasts durability that stands the test of time. Invest in a saddle that's not just for the moment but for a lifetime of unforgettable rides.

Trusted by professional riders and seasoned cowboys alike, the Billy Cook High Country Rancer Saddle is a trusted choice for top-tier performance and reliability.

Elevate Your Riding Experience! From leisurely rides to thrilling adventures, the High Country Rancer Saddle elevates every moment in the saddle. Discover a new level of connection with your horse and nature.

Unleash Your Riding Potential! Don't settle for ordinary saddles when you can have the extraordinary. Embrace the magic of riding with the Billy Cook High Country Rancer Saddle - Your key to unlocking a world of equestrian wonder.

Get Yours Today! Don't miss the chance to own this masterpiece. Visit our store now and experience riding like never before with the Billy Cook High Country Rancer Saddle - Where Innovation Meets Tradition.


  • Tree: 7inch Full-QH Bars
  • Seat Size: 15", 15.5", 16", 17"
  • Pattern: Basket & Border Tooling
  • Weight: Approximately 50 lbs.

**Note: Saddle no longer comes with front cinch**

Although through the years many have tried to imitate Billy Cook products, even to the point of counterfeiting, THERE IS ONLY ONE GENUINE "BILLY COOK CLASSIC SADDLE" MANUFACTURER. is happy to sell the Genuine Billy Cook saddles made in Sulphur, Oklahoma, owned by Mr. Billy Cook. There are other saddle manufacturers that sell their own Billy Cook saddles. If you buy a Billy Cook saddle be sure that it is manufactured in Sulphur, Oklahoma.

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Laurie Cancemi from Facebook

I've purchased 2 saddles from the Horse Saddle Shop. Both times it was a pleasure. The first saddle was not custom and was an easy transaction. The second time, I ordered a custom saddle and worked with Charlie. He was knowledgable and professional throughout our long arduous process of getting the custom saddle made by the manufacurer. I would definately purchase a saddle from Horse Saddle Shop and Charlie again.

Karen Sieg

I have never been more pleased with a business and so satisfied with my purchase! I contacted Horse Saddle Shop about a saddle to fit my Haflinger. Josh spent a lot of time on phone and email with me until late night. I let him pick a bridle and breast plate to match. Everything was perfect, shipping was fast, boxed well, prices very fair. I love my saddle, and will definitely be making more purchases from Horse Saddle Shop.

Robyn Lebo from Facebook

Extremely good to deal with very helpful. I just can’t recommend these guys enough. Considering I am in Australia they were extremely good to deal with very helpful I recommend them 150% saddle was packed well and it’s beautiful very happy customer 5 start rating hands down.

Giustina Lee from Nevada

Incredibly streamlined and easy. I am absolutely blown away by the service horse saddle shop provided me. I am naturally a very indecisive person and incredibly picky when it comes to my gear, so after months of shopping and reading my boyfriend suggested here. He also had a positive experience. I browsed their wide selection of used saddles and there it was, MY saddle. The chat staff was incredibly helpful and my saddle was here 4 days later even with free shipping! The saddle was accurately represented in the photos is far from "used". I'm thrilled, to say the least. Thank you!

Tiffany Wilson from Facebook

After so much searching and being nervous about ordering a saddle online. I picked up the phone and called the Horse Saddle Shop to ask a few questions about a used saddle that was on their website. They were so nice and helpful. I ordered my very lightly used Circle Y saddle and a new saddle pad. It arrived very quickly. Only a few days. I LOVE my new saddle. In great condition and rides great! I would highly recommend using them for your tack needs. I know I will be in the future!

Ronda Trosper via Facebook

Customer service is amazing! Super quick shipping! My first saddle didn't fit correctly, they helped me find the right fit for both my horse and me, and we love our new Circle Y Kentucky gaited ❤ thank you Horse Saddle Shop!