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16" 17" American Saddlery The Draft Master Saddle 1550

16" 17" American Saddlery The Draft Master Saddle 1550

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American Saddlery The Draft Master

Made In The USA

Do you love the thrill of riding the biggest animal that mankind rides? (not counting Shamu!) Your draft horse needs a saddle with a wider gullet so that there is no pinching in the shoulder area. The Draft Master by American Saddlery is built on a tree by the renowned Steele Saddle Tree Company.

It has an 8" gullet which is the standard gullet width of draft horse saddles. In addition to the wide gullet, it has flatter bars to fit your big beauty. The in-skirt rigging will keep you in close contact with your horse and the 5" cantle will give you extra security in the seat. The smooth leather finish iis available in 2 beautiful colors - Chestnut and Medium Oil.


  • Tree: Steele fiberglass covered draft horse tree, Swell 13.5", Gullet Width 8", Draft Horse bars - Steele Equi-fit tree
  • Weight: Approximately 45 lbs.
  • Horn: Height 3.5", Diameter 2", Leather Covered
  • Cantle Height: 5"
  • Seat: 16" or 17"
  • Skirt Length: 27"
  • Skirt Width: 13"
  • Stirrup Leathers: 2.5" with Blevins buckles
  • Stirrups: Hand-laced leather-covered contest
  • Rigging: In-skirt stainless steel C rigging in 7/8 position in front, stainless steel dee with 1.75" flank cinch in rear


4 stars based on 1 review 
Wales, Maine
I would recommend to a friend
Lovely Draft Saddle The saddle is very comfortable to ride in and it fit my Shire Draft nicely. Nice quality saddle for the price. The customer service at the Saddle Shop was on point. They handled all of my questions and concerns timely, nicely and effectively. The saddle comes with a black seat ot tan like the picture showed at the time I bought it and I got medium oil, it is a nice oil color not orange. It took a little over 3 weeks for my saddle to arrive. I would recommend this saddle to a friend.
Pros:Great draft tree fit, nice quality, comfortable to ride in, sits nicely on the side of a draft horse as it doesn't look small in comparison to the large horse size.
Cons:The seat is glued on near the horn and could use a little better construction in that area of the saddle that I received.
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