5 Star Saddle Pad Liner F15

5 Star Saddle Pad Liner F15

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5 Star Saddle Pad Liner

This pad liner from 5 Star has had nothing but success! Made from 1/4" felt, this liner is guaranteed to keep your saddle pad clean.

The liner is made with 100% wool, giving it a bond to the top felt pad - that means no slip for you! The liner is cut into a square, but will quickly form to the contour of the back. Can be trimmed with scissors if you have a custom saddle pad.

Spray the dirt off with a hose or hand ways. When it is has been used enough, turn it into a pet blanket or boot mat - Then buy a new one!

Comes in 3 sizes: Standard (30"x30"), Barrel (30"x28"), and Full (32" x 32").


4.5 stars based on 9 reviews 

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