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16"-19" Big Horn Synthetic Trail Saddle 256

16"-19" Big Horn Synthetic Trail Saddle 256

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Big Horn cordura Trail Saddle 256

Made In The USA

Another great cordura creation from Big Horn, the obvious feature is in the 19” roughout seat size. There aren’t too many saddle options available in a 19”, and the ones that are usually carry a heavy price tag or are custom orders.

With this cordura, not only is it a 19”, but Big Horn has managed to keep it down to 20lb.

This saddle is built on a fiberglass covered wood tree with quarter horse bars (Big Horn’s medium plus size).

Featuring smooth leather front and jockeys, leather conchos, and dees for attaching saddle strings.

Made in the USA.


  • Tree: Fiberglass covered wood tree, quarter horse bars.
  • Cantle: 4" with 1 1/2" Cheyenne roll.
  • Rigging: 7/8 position single front rigging, heavy stainless steel dees.
  • Fenders: 19" X 8", 2" leather reinforced nylon stirrup straps with stainless steel buckles.
  • Skirts: 29.5" X 12.5", fleece lined.
  • Seat: Roughout, Padded.
  • Stirrups: Ralide with laced leather foot pad.
  • Trim: Smooth leather front and jockeys, cordura nylon skirts, fenders and housings, leather conchos, breast collar dees, dees for attaching saddle strings.
  • Weight: Approximately 20lb.


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