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Complete Guide to the American Western Saddle

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Tree Size
Saddle Contact
Free Gullet Templates
Saddle Positioning
Hard-To-Fit Horses
Sizing for the Rider
Tucker Seat Sizing Chart
Saddles by Discipline
How to Buy a Saddle
For the Horse
For the Rider
»Let us Recommend a Saddle
»Contact a Saddle Expert
»Visit Our Online Community
»Saddle Fitting Made Easy
»Top 10 Saddle Fitting Myths
»Saddle Quality Inspection
»How to Buy a Saddle
Saddle Rigging
Saddle Types
Parts of a Saddle
Different Saddle Trees
Leather VS Synthetic
Used Saddle Information
Choosing a Pad
About Horse Bits
How to Turn Stirrups
Buying Protective Boots
Half Breed Off Billets
Saddle Cleaning
Saddle Maintenance
Stop Saddle Squeak

»All Video Reviews
»Tucker North Star (263)
»Billy Cook Roper (2147)
Measuring the Weight
Measuring the Girth
Measuring for Blankets
Seat Sizing Chart
Measuring Your Saddle
Stirrup Length
What's in a Name?
Leather Comparision Chart
South Bend Saddle Co
High Horse
Trail Ride Destinations
Half Breed Off Billets
How to Buy a Saddle
Return Policy: An important factor
Our Guided Saddle Fitting Help
How to position the saddle on your horse: Proper Placement
How to position the saddle on your horse: Proper Placement
Western Saddle Fitting and Different Tree Sizes
Western Saddle Fitting and Different Tree Sizes
Easy Saddle Expert System and Templates:  Saddle fitting made easier.
SaddleExperts™ Have us recommend a saddle.
Saddle Fitting for Hard-To-Fit Horses: Swayback, Short Back, Flat Back, High WIthered, Mutton Withered
Top 10 Saddle Fitting Myths
10 Quick Tips for Easy Saddle Fitting
Signs of a Low Quality Saddle
Top 10 Questions to Ask When Purchasing a New or Used Saddle
Our Saddle Expert 10 Point Inspection for Quality
Signs of a Bad Saddle Fit
Different Western Saddle Types
Western Saddle Seat Sizing Chart
Differences between Saddle Trees
Leather Versus Synthetic Saddles
How to choose the proper saddle pad
Saddle Cleaning
How to care for your saddle
Stopping Saddle Squeak
How to measure the weight of your horse
How to Get the Correct Stirrup Length
Measuring, Describing, and Knowing Your Own Western Saddle
Interactive Western Saddle Parts Diagram
Parts of the Saddle - The Seat
Parts of the Saddle - The Swell (or Fork or Pommel)
Parts of a Saddle - The Cantle
Your Complete Guide to Saddle Rigging
Parts of the Saddle - The Gullet
Parts of the Saddle - The Fenders
Parts of the Saddle - The Stirrups
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