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About the HorseSaddleShop Saddle Experts

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Hello. I'm Chuck, not to be confused with Charlie - we are both Charles'. I started in January of 2000. My wife's father Dale had a small tack store and we worked together to create an online version of it. I grew up in a family that always had horses and did much riding and camping in my younger years. I served 9 years in the Air Force and when I came back I found the perfect way to marry my Computer Science degree with leather and wood. I love the fact that I get to choose who I work with and clearly have hired the best people to run a tack and western wear store. Being a bit of a hermit, I also enjoy waking up to work the first few hours of the day in my PJs at my home office with my hair disheveled and coffee at hand. Being a bit of a hermit, I then work the rest of the day in my home office. I have a very patient and lovely wife and 5 children.
We also have a guinea pig, a dog, a few stray cats, some fish and a QH named Sydney that loves to be fitted with saddles.

Hi, Iím Charlie and I started working for on Jan 1, 2009. My responsibilities include saddle expert/customer service and purchasing products that our customer will love. Oh yeah, and doing those great video product reviews. Before my life at HSS, I worked for 22 yrs in customer service and purchasing so the transition was a very natural one for me Ė just a change from castings to saddles. A couple things I enjoy about my job (other than my super-wonderful boss)Ö 1.)Itís really fun to talk to people all over the globe Ė it makes the world seem smaller and I like that. 2.) I find extreme satisfaction in making a customer happy and 97% are very happy. The other 3% of you present wonderful opportunities for my personal growth!

Hey, I'm Josh and I started working for in February 2011. I manage the daily tasks at our outlet store location and work in customer service (phones and emails) for the business. I like animals and helping people, so naturally this is a great job for me. I enjoy researching and providing information about the products to our customers. It's fun working with our manufacturers and interacting with people all around the world. My favorite part of the job is helping our customers find the right fit for the horse, rider, and budget!

Hi! Iím Andrea Armstrong and I started working for in March 2012. My main responsibilities take place in our outlet store in Bremen, IN. My main goal is to provide wonderful, attentive customer service to every person that walks into our store. I also handle most of the shipping of our products to all of our online customers. Before coming to HSS I worked in retail management for the last 7 years, so this transition came pretty easily to me. I love assisting customers in finding exactly what they are looking for, and at a price they can afford. My favorite products by far are the cowboy boots Ė come see me for your next pair!

Hey folks! Iím Jenelle, and I became a part of the Horse Saddle Shop team in May of 2013. Letís make this simple: my job is swell because of two thingsóI love people and I love horses. I rode English when I was younger, so I have some past experience riding and still do whenever I can borrow someone elseís horse. When Iím not looking for a horse to borrow, I love bargain shopping and rummaging through thrift stores with my husband. I dislike any foods that are white, so get that Mayonnaise away from me! Regardless of what some people might tell you, the Irish are the best team in all the land! Now, despite their shortcomings on college teams, our team here at Horse Saddle Shop is great! I love coming to work every day and knowing Iíll be working with such fun and uplifting people. If youíre looking for a great saddle, give us a call and letís chat!

Hi there! Iím Ben, son of Charlie, and I have been working as a Sales Associate for Horse Saddle Shop since June 2013. However, I technically began working part time in 2011, editing saddle pictures for the website. Working for Horse Saddle Shop has really expanded my comfort zone and I enjoy making the customer happy! Currently, I have been fulfilling the role of website manager. I am blessed to work with such a great team of employees; these people make for a welcoming environment and I am glad to be a part of that. I am a big fan of the Indiana Hoosiers and love all things sports. Being a Graphic Design major at Indiana University South Bend, I get to enjoy putting my knowledge to work for this company in various activities involving the website. Living only a block away from our store, Horse Saddle Shop feels like home, but itís not the distance, itís the super-awesome people I get work with!

My favorite thing about working at Horse Saddle Shop is seeing the before and after of used and consignment saddles. Witnessing old, dusty, and tarnished saddles get cleaned up and re-homed is a great feeling. I am very thankful for the opportunity to work, and grow, in a company where I can become more involved in the equine community. I am currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Business Development with plans of someday opening my own boarding and training facility. At the moment I have two quarter horses and a mini, which I have only owned for a little over a year. As soon as I came home and switched schools I bought my first horse, despite the fact that a majority of people told me I shouldn't. Honestly it has been the best decision I ever made. There is nothing better than coming home to a 1,000+ animal that loves and trusts you unconditionally.
I have tried a lot of riding disciplines and there wasn't one that I didn't like. Although, I am geared more toward western riding because that is what I have ridden the most, and am most comfortable with. In the future I would like to show my horses, I just need to find out what discipline my horses and I excel at. Until then we will just ride them all!

Hey yaíll, Iím Jorgi and I am one of Chuckís daughters. While I have done a handful of odd jobs for Horse Saddle Shop since I was little, I officially started working for Horse Saddle Shop in 2014. My roles include being a Sales Associate, a Marketing Manager, and a Self-Proclaimed Fashion guru. A typical day includes assembling outfits on our Polyvore Account, sending out promotional emails, redesigning the floor layout, selling products, and helping with YouTube videos.
I love working in this environment because it is set up for everyoneís success; we are given responsibilities with flexible definitions so that we can use our individual strengths to make improvements to the company, ultimately making our customers as happy as can be. Every day we are combining hard work, knowledge, and creativity.
Currently, I am a student at Indiana University studying Interior Design with a minor in Entrepreneurship. A few things I enjoy are coffee, laughing, fashion, and the smell of leather. If you any or all of these delicacies fancy you, stop in and chat!

Hey y'all! I'm Taylor Shively, and I have been part of the Horse Saddle Shop team since July 2015. I'm a tried and true farm girl. I was a 10 year 4-H member, active FFA member now serving as treasurer and secretary for Ancilla FFA. I am currently attending Ancilla College, pursuing an Agriculture Business Sales Management degree.
Growing up, I had many opportunities to travel surrounded by many friends, whether it was for Marshall County Horse and Pony Judging team, hauling livestock with Grandpa Loren or attending horse and cattle shows. Some activities I enjoy doing are: truck and tractor pulls, rodeos, welding, bonfires, hanging with friends and family, being an active 4-H horse and pony leader, in the shop helping the guys fix equipment and last but not least, horsin' around with my livestock. Post college years, I plan on honoring my Grandpa Loren's memory by hauling livestock. I hope to fulfill Grandpa's dreams for the farm by making building improvements and putting up an indoor arena as a "thank you" to my mom.
The arena is meant to thank my mom for making sure that I always had the top-notch livestock and apparel a girl could ever ask for. At our Blue Ribbon Farm, we currently have four horses, fifteen head of Angus Beef Cattle, two dogs, Edy(welsh corgi) and Tillie(Blue Heeler) and about a dozen of barn cats. Stop on in and check us out, you won't regret it!

We offer a lifetime of equine experience to benefit you in your next saddle purchase. Dale is an example of wisdom gained in a person's senior years. He has been selling saddles in Northern Indiana since the early '80s. He has been a great help in gathering important information on our customer's horse and our customer's riding disciplines to recommend the saddle to suite each need. Chuck has earned the experience by being raised on a horse farm and, after a 9 year stint in the Air Force, coming back to Indiana to strengthen his equine roots. He is a quick learn on fitting with a very good grasp on the characteristics of each saddle model. Charlie has assisted over 10,000 customers in his years with us and Linda also offers valuable insight to our customers as she has been a horse owner most of her life.

Chuck is the owner of Horse Saddle (the internet store) and Horse Saddle Shop Outlet (the outlet store in Bremen, IN). With both family and friends working together, there is a great atmosphere of hard work and fun. We are proud to work to the advantage of the equine community and we feel the great blessings of working together and witnessing the fruits of our combined efforts.

We make it our goal to provide the best selection of saddles available - above any other store. We are constantly expanding the brands we carry as well as the different types of saddles. Our inventory is often greater than that of our saddle manufacturers. We have the thought that "if it is not good enough for us to buy then it is not good enough for us to sell." We are unlike other stores you find on the internet - we keep hundreds of saddles in stock!

We welcome you to visit our stores in Bremen, IN. We take great efforts to work efficiently so we can reduce prices and pass the savings on to our customers. If you find a saddle cheaper (and in stock) let us know, we are happy to work with our customers and provide the best buying experience available. We are unlike other stores in that we do not charge shipping and we have a very modest return policy. Unlike the standard 15% we only charge a 5% return fee.

If you are looking for a dependable family owned business with a reputation and desire to provide a well fitting quality saddle at a low price, then look no further than

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