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Circle Y Xtreme Performance Saddles

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In January of 2007 Circle Y introduced an exciting new line of saddles in a wide range of disciplines: XP Roper, XP Barrel Racer, XP Cuter, XP Reiner, and XP Ranch Saddle . This new line is called Xtreme Performance and is predicted to once again push Circle Y to the front of the saddle industry for its unique and improved features. The Xtreme Performance saddles promise to provide



  • Xtreme Intensity because winners are aggressive, and you ride hard.

  • Xtreme Strength because the harder you ride, the more you depend on the durability of your gear.

  • Xtreme Comfort because the performance and comfort of your gear makes a hundredth of a second difference in the performance of you and your horse.

  • Xtreme Velocity because a hundredth of a second makes a difference in the winning time.

Circle Y has disregarded tradition every time they found a way to improve a saddle, and the new Xtreme Performance saddles are no exception. These saddles are built stronger, fit better, and are more comfortable, so that all you have to focus on is the ride. Here’s what you can expect in every XP saddle:

  • EBS Ergobalance Stirrups: The Ergobalance stirrup design positions the riders feet and legs for decreased ankle and knee fatigue while promoting balanced riding.

  • XPG Bar Pad: The XPG gel bar pad, positioned between the bar and skirt liner, integrates �2nd Generation� shock-absorbing gel. The latest in gel technology does not break down and provides improved shock absorption and comfort in the horse as it compensates for variance in fit.

  • Slip-Not Skirt: The name says it all. This skirt has a close contact leather lining and eliminates thick wool providing improved fit and no slip. It is also easy to clean.

  • FAST Buckle Stirrup: The patented FAST buckle stirrup leather buckle is quick, easy, secure, and is constructed of 100% stainless steel, making it virtually indestructible. There are no extra parts to lose, break, wear, or freeze up. The unique off-set design allows the stirrup leather to hang straight and distortion-free and makes stirrup leather adjustments quick and easy.

  • MVS—Microvent Seat System: Perforated top grain Microvent leather seat breathes for superior rider comfort while remaining water repellant. (Not applicable to suede seats) Impact foam seat padding absorbs shock to eliminate the transference of impact between horse and rider. The viscoelastic material conforms to the rider for ultimate support and comfort. (Not applicable to hard seats)

Each saddle also has a tree designed especially for its discipline:

XP HDR Roper/XP Ranch:
  • Kevlar reinforced at stress points
  • DURAhide coating adds strength and weather resistance which increases the life of the tree
XP B Barrel Racer
  • Finish coated in DURAhide covering. This is more consistent than rawhide and figerglass covered trees because it adds strength while keeping out moisture and the elements, adding to the life of your saddle.
  • High density bars for support, stability, and even weight distribution
  • Low density bars conform to the horse’s back, fit a wide range of horses, and gives the horse freedom of motion
  • Carbon fiber reinforced wood laminate tree with Polyflex conforming bars provide the strength and durability to last, with flexibility for unparalleled comfort, fit, and freedom
  • DURAhide coated